Reasons why you should consider photography as a hobby.

Photography is one of the most popular skills in the world. Thanks to technology, you can capture images even with your mobile phone. You do not have to go to a school of photography to take a good picture.

Today, we will look at one of the reasons why photography is a worthy skill to acquire.

Recording events and memories.

Photography allows you to create images of events, times, and places. To both record what happened and allow you to share them with friends and family, either in digital format or more permanently with prints or photo books.

By being able to capture a special moment in time, you carry the memory of that event forward with you, allowing you to share it and remember it with those that were there. Those memories become part of your history, perhaps family lore, not just stories passed down through the generations but images as well. As the popular idiom says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” 

How would you feel if you allow such beautiful moments to fade away without having no means of capturing them? Disheartening right? This is why photography helps to keep records so you could look back at the wonderful times and also have things to look forward to.

Thank you for reading.

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